Wednesday, December 21

I'm aware I'm out of touch now

Just read Pitchfork's top 50 albums of 2005.
I own 3 of them.
Nobody wrote anything that made me think I should own anything I don't already own. It all gushed but didn't actually seem to say anything.
For the record, those albums were: Sleater-Kinney, Bloc Party, and Sufjan Stevens.


A.Ho said...

I have a few of the top 50 but not many, and many of those were, um…illicit. I was surprised that Caribou didn't make the cut, but whatever, that record kicksit. My feelings are the same though, there's some stuff I'd like to check out, but not much I'll probably buy. Deerhoof and Vashti Bunyan come to mind as far as discs I'd be willing to purchase. I'll be buying stuff off of Kris' list before I invest too deeply in Pfork this year.

DM said...

I heard that. There seems to be more meaning in someone like Kris' list(s) than the Pitchfork elite whateverness. 'Cause you just know they're picking some records because they're 'cool', or assume the album will set the standard or new trend or whatfuckingeverpillowsupyourass.

I'm limited by $$, so if I buy and keep a record, I listen to that motherfucker. If it's good, I have no qualms recommending it as a result.