Wednesday, December 21


If these words were an image, they would be a big middle finger.
I've been coughing for 6 days now, sick for 7. I go see the doc on Friday. Every morning I've woken up for the past 6 days has been with a dry mouth and something slimy in the back of my throat. I can breathe through one nostril. I won't even bother to describe what I hack up for the first hour of the morning. Yay me.

I hate being sick for more than 2 days. Especially when I'm supposed to get a whole bunch of free time.
Plus; I'm being donated an Xbox for about 14 days. Half Life 2, here I come.

All made immediately less enjoyable by the fact that I'm coughing every 90 seconds.

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A.Ho said...

I'm closing in on 4 weeks of this bastard cold. The worst is over, at least is sure as hell better be, but I still wake up in the morning with the dry mouth, a barren and arid landscape that is used to wonderful moisture. The coughing up of ick has subsided it seems, and now that I think about it I haven't had a single coughing fit today. So, I'm hoping it's all on the way out of here. I don't think I've ever been sick this long. I did have bronchittis a couple of times in high school, but I don't think either time matched the duration of this nasty bastard. And everyone I've talked to that's had a cold recently is having the same experience, a few nasty days followed by a couple, or more, weeks of this lingering bitch. Anyhow.

Half Life 2: I'm a jealous & iwixtbux bastard. Enjoy.