Tuesday, December 6

This post is about beer.

It's been some years, but I do like Deschutes' Jubelale this time around and it looks like one of my other Deschutes faves is coming around again in January. I'll probably let you know when I find Cinder Cone back on the shelves.

I am also quite fond of Lang Creek's Glacier Pilot, my palate dost covet.

I thought that maybe I'd like the Sam Adams Winter Lager. I was mistaken. I've not consumed a more mediocre beer since Fat Tire.

Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale would be the place to start if you need to wipe that Sam Adams taste from your molested palate, find it on tap for a grand delight, have at least two.

Red Hook's Winter Hook is a durable and stalwart beverage, but not necessary among these other selections.

I found myself enjoying some old favorites the last couple of months as well. Spaten Optimator is a 7.2% Doppel Bock that hits the mark every time, and my preferred vessel for pouring a Guinness down my throat is undeniably the stubbish dark bottles, I find them charming and capable.

Lastly, you must go out and find a bottle of Hop Trip.


DM said...

Now that's some good recommendin', right there.

I'm happy to say that the beer I most recently made came out pretty damn well, albeit on the bitter side.

A.Ho said...

Sweet, was that the Mirror Pond clone? If not, how'd that do?

DM said...

T'was indeed the MP clone. I've been suggested to make a porter next. Doesn't seem like a bad idea.