Saturday, November 12

Robert Pollard

…from Pitchfork

"Rolling Stone just published a list of the top 100 guitar players of all time-- and they included Joan Jett. How can you fuckin' put Joan Jett in the top 100 guitar players of all time? Ahead of Pete Townshend! Rolling Stone sucks! They can blow me forever! If anyone here is from Rolling Stone they can blow me. You want some payola? Here's some payola, motherfuckers!"

Doesn't seem to jive with this though.


Zbella said...

fuck yes

DM said...

Ah, Rolling Stone has blown for as long as blowing has known to be known. Putting Hendrix at #1 is like saying the sky is blue. Nobody gets any controversy out of that.

I do see what you mean; but everyone after the top 9 guitarists is pretty much on an equal plane for me. JJ could've been before Townsend, and it wouldn't've made a difference-and it certainly doesn't take away from Townsend's contribution to rock.

That they actually didn't means that Pollard probably was drinking during the interview. And let's admit it; we've all talked shit while drinking.

A.Ho said...

Oh yeah, definitely wasted.