Thursday, November 17

Netflix users

Just an FYI if you use Netflix.


A.Ho said...

In my experience what people say about NETFLIX purposefully delaying service rings true. The basic plan of 3 Unlimited for $17.99 sounds good. However I can easily (most weeks) watch a DVD a day and turn them around fast enough to get at least 4 or 5 a week and it just doesn't work out that way, suddenly (magically?) after you hit 10-12 discs (my experience) there are delays in processing or shipping. But I adore the service so upgraded to the 4 disc plan to meet my needs. It's $26 with tax, and a bargain.

Tonights feature: Arrested Development: Season 2: Disc 2

Fuz said...

That's been my (short) experince too. In the first month, movies came at the speed of light–and they should, considering I live 50 miles from a distribution center. Now, sometimes, movies take several days to process and/or receive.

DM said...

To me, it's just one of those things where you want to be aware of the potentially 'upgraded' service.

Figure it's just a touch underhanded to do things the way they are, but if everyone knows about it, then it's harder to get screwed over.