Tuesday, November 29

In Memory of Dax Johnson, 1975 - 2005

I didn't really know Dax, though I'd met him at least once, maybe twice. We certainly had some common acquaintances though; many people I know will feel the loss of his passing.

I do know his sister Jessica, and recall the story that on more than one occasion the family would wake in the wee hours of the morning to young Dax working out some music at the family piano.

My last encounter with him was in 2004 when he stopped in for some coffee on the day he was playing a show at The Big Easy. He was exceedingly kind and charismatic, much more so than you would expect from any customer.

Listen to some MP3s & check out DaxJohnson.com

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DM said...

What a bummer. His music was good, even if it wasn't my prefered cupojoe. That he was a decent human just makes things more shitty.