Wednesday, November 9

I'm back on the not sleeping so well ride again. Although this time I've got a solid excuse: 1) semi-snoring girlfriend and 2) Two fucking cats who think they can sleep on my legs. The girl is easy enough to deal with; roll over, rub her back for a second, she stops. Maybe not permanently, but long enough for me to fall asleep and ignore it.

The cats, on the other hand, are irritating li'l buggers. Not much to be done about them, except kick them off. Which has to be done every ten minutes.

So I wouldn't say that I'm at my highest mental acuity right now. Coupled with the traveling I've been doing, I just feel beat. I keep thinking I should call in sick to work, but I don't. Days when I don't have to do anything; this is a good dream.

Resident Evil 4 is out for the PS2. It includes an extra mission. I do believe I'll be putting 10+ hours into that one. Note to self: get Punisher ASAP, upgrade shotguns as fast as you can.

It's comic book day. In T-40 minutes, I'll walk into the comic book store and see what there is to see. I may also by Magic cards, but they will be cheap Magic cards-nothing over .50/pc. So far, I've been good about keeping my spending in line and focusing on other stuff. However; comics.

That other stuff sadly has not been writing. But I have a scene or two, and I may even get to it tonight. Depends; I would much prefer a 20 minute power nap when I get home, but if I get home after 6, say, then I can't do that-it'll fuck with my regular sleep. When I'm tired, though, I don't feel like writing, and after a day of work, I always want some time to unwind. Fuck. I just need to do things.

Excuses are what I do when I'm trying to be just busy enough to be pathetic.

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