Saturday, November 26

Futbol. Madden Style.

Been playing Madden 2003. An odd selection for me.

Thanksgiving presented an opportunity to play some Madden '06 but I didn't do so hot. For one I don't know dick about football when it comes to setting up plays, the difference between a TE and a CB. So I thought I'd give myself a bit of a tutorial, and a not so dull edge, should I need to prove my virtual sports prowess in the future. The good thing about old sports games is the price. Madden 2003? $2.99.

In other game news I'll most likely be buying a PS2 before I get a 360. That's not to say that I will have a PS 2 prior to having a 360. I'm just saying that if I were going to shell out some dollars on new toys this season it makes more sense to get the PS2. I'd like to play me some Killzone. And SOCOM. And more than one peep has told me the joys of the Final Fantasies. Oh, and DQ VIII. Many games, many of them cheap.

P.S. Sudoku will drive you mad.

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DM said...

I'll say that I attempted Killzone again. I quit when I realized I wasn't having any fun. That game is a lot more palatable for me when I can occasionally hand off the controller.

I attempted to learn Madden once, and I spent 3 weeks unable to do so. It was like writing 2+2=5, 8000 fucking times. I KNEW something was wrong, and I was unable to correct it. Sigh.

Currently working Shadow of the Colossus, and will start Digital Devil Saga 2 soon.

Thanksgiving=OK. And I'm gonna have a nephew in Apr of next year.