Sunday, November 20

Electrifying Conclusion

Friday was payday. I almost bought Half-Life 2. Wanting Half-Life 2, but not wanting to spend that much money, I considered buying X-Men Legends, Star Wars Battlefront I, Call of Duty, and Brothers In Arms, or a pair of the aforementioned perhaps. Ultimately I couldn't decide, but it was a nice hour spent at EB Games, I guess.

Today is the payoff for indecision as I'd ordered Electrifying Conclusion, the DVD of GbV's final show at The Metro in Chicago, New Years Eve 2004. Four Hours. 63 Songs. I just now watched the intro scene and am filled with excitement and emotion about watching the rest of it. If I'd bought that other digital entertainment I'd have been out of luck today. I better go buy some beer.



DM said...

I cannot recommend the purchase of used games enough.

I would also very much like to play Half Life 2. Oh yes. But I w/o the PC and no Xbox, well...

Convserely, I just started Indigo Prophesy, and it's facinating and awesome, and I picked it up for about $16.50 b/c I had some credit + 10% off used games.

However; I will not deny the thrill of a GbV set. They are the awesome sauce.

A.Ho said...

Oh yes, I'm all about used games or XBox Platinum Hits($20). I've paid full price for only two games this year: Resident Evil 4 and Halo 2. I've the feeling that Half-Life 2 will be number three, unless I hold out until 2006. Kameo for the 360 looks pretty sweet, as does Draqon Quest VIII for the PS2. Too many systems, too many games. Too little time, too little money. Se la vie.

DM said...

I'm definately holding back on the 360. The games just aren't there, and the machine costs too much.

On top of that, there are 2 people I would consider playing online with. So what's the point of having that?

Although I agree, Kameo looks good, as does Perfect Dark Zero.

But DQ8: I'll find that used, and swoop like a condor upon it.