Tuesday, November 29

In Memory of Dax Johnson, 1975 - 2005

I didn't really know Dax, though I'd met him at least once, maybe twice. We certainly had some common acquaintances though; many people I know will feel the loss of his passing.

I do know his sister Jessica, and recall the story that on more than one occasion the family would wake in the wee hours of the morning to young Dax working out some music at the family piano.

My last encounter with him was in 2004 when he stopped in for some coffee on the day he was playing a show at The Big Easy. He was exceedingly kind and charismatic, much more so than you would expect from any customer.

Listen to some MP3s & check out DaxJohnson.com

Saturday, November 26

Futbol. Madden Style.

Been playing Madden 2003. An odd selection for me.

Thanksgiving presented an opportunity to play some Madden '06 but I didn't do so hot. For one I don't know dick about football when it comes to setting up plays, the difference between a TE and a CB. So I thought I'd give myself a bit of a tutorial, and a not so dull edge, should I need to prove my virtual sports prowess in the future. The good thing about old sports games is the price. Madden 2003? $2.99.

In other game news I'll most likely be buying a PS2 before I get a 360. That's not to say that I will have a PS 2 prior to having a 360. I'm just saying that if I were going to shell out some dollars on new toys this season it makes more sense to get the PS2. I'd like to play me some Killzone. And SOCOM. And more than one peep has told me the joys of the Final Fantasies. Oh, and DQ VIII. Many games, many of them cheap.

P.S. Sudoku will drive you mad.

Friday, November 25

Sunday, November 20

Electrifying Conclusion

Friday was payday. I almost bought Half-Life 2. Wanting Half-Life 2, but not wanting to spend that much money, I considered buying X-Men Legends, Star Wars Battlefront I, Call of Duty, and Brothers In Arms, or a pair of the aforementioned perhaps. Ultimately I couldn't decide, but it was a nice hour spent at EB Games, I guess.

Today is the payoff for indecision as I'd ordered Electrifying Conclusion, the DVD of GbV's final show at The Metro in Chicago, New Years Eve 2004. Four Hours. 63 Songs. I just now watched the intro scene and am filled with excitement and emotion about watching the rest of it. If I'd bought that other digital entertainment I'd have been out of luck today. I better go buy some beer.


Thursday, November 17

Netflix users

Just an FYI if you use Netflix.

Fun Quote at the Cardinal's House

"Sadly, unwanted pornography often leads to wanted pornography," Keeler told members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday.

Indeed. I know that if it wasn't for all the unwanted porn out there, I'd've never gotten into watching people have sex. It's a slippery slope: you start by learning about sex, then suddenly you'd like to try that, 'cause it does seem like fun, and then, when no one wants to give you any, you wonder; is there some unwanted porn out there for me?

No-wait, I'm getting this all wrong.
I was actually offered porn by a street dealer. He was dressed all shady and shit, like some kind of Eminem white trash dude, only with the mustache that clearly marked him as a porno dude, instead of a meth dealer. And I didn't want it. I swear Mom, that porn isn't mine. I'm holding onto it for a friend.

And the next thing I know; I want porn. I don't know how that happened!

Wednesday, November 16

Nice Leet

My ramen noodles are missing.

1 4t3 j00r r4m3n n00d135


uh…Did that just happen?

Downtown Spokane will be renamed Little Hollywood if this keeps up.

Monday evening turned unexpectedly surreal when I sold a latte and snack to Dennis Franz.

Weird. And too out of context.

Saturday, November 12

Robert Pollard

…from Pitchfork

"Rolling Stone just published a list of the top 100 guitar players of all time-- and they included Joan Jett. How can you fuckin' put Joan Jett in the top 100 guitar players of all time? Ahead of Pete Townshend! Rolling Stone sucks! They can blow me forever! If anyone here is from Rolling Stone they can blow me. You want some payola? Here's some payola, motherfuckers!"

Doesn't seem to jive with this though.

Friday, November 11

The Day After

I'm not feeling too bad now. I'm tired, and a mild headache has kicked up. But I'd put the Hangover Threat Level at maybe Yellow. I need a soda and chicken strips, and I'm money.

I don't know, exactly, why I posted last night. Nor do I understand why I decided to share with people that I was drunk and going to get stoned. Hm. I guess I'm just that kind of fellow.

Everyone else is out of the office today. This is good. I can sleep at my desk, if need be. I won't, because it's uncomfortable, but I could. While I have been talking about taking a day off, I didn't call in today, because I don't call in sick b/c I'm hungover. That ain't cool.

Thursday, November 10


Quite high. Pot+alcoho+desire to avoid hangover=I'm stoned on a Thursday.

Sleep. Soon.

Wednesday, November 9

What about the 19th Century?

The 25 Greatest Electronic Albums of, get this, The 20th Century!

I'm back on the not sleeping so well ride again. Although this time I've got a solid excuse: 1) semi-snoring girlfriend and 2) Two fucking cats who think they can sleep on my legs. The girl is easy enough to deal with; roll over, rub her back for a second, she stops. Maybe not permanently, but long enough for me to fall asleep and ignore it.

The cats, on the other hand, are irritating li'l buggers. Not much to be done about them, except kick them off. Which has to be done every ten minutes.

So I wouldn't say that I'm at my highest mental acuity right now. Coupled with the traveling I've been doing, I just feel beat. I keep thinking I should call in sick to work, but I don't. Days when I don't have to do anything; this is a good dream.

Resident Evil 4 is out for the PS2. It includes an extra mission. I do believe I'll be putting 10+ hours into that one. Note to self: get Punisher ASAP, upgrade shotguns as fast as you can.

It's comic book day. In T-40 minutes, I'll walk into the comic book store and see what there is to see. I may also by Magic cards, but they will be cheap Magic cards-nothing over .50/pc. So far, I've been good about keeping my spending in line and focusing on other stuff. However; comics.

That other stuff sadly has not been writing. But I have a scene or two, and I may even get to it tonight. Depends; I would much prefer a 20 minute power nap when I get home, but if I get home after 6, say, then I can't do that-it'll fuck with my regular sleep. When I'm tired, though, I don't feel like writing, and after a day of work, I always want some time to unwind. Fuck. I just need to do things.

Excuses are what I do when I'm trying to be just busy enough to be pathetic.

Three Words


Tuesday, November 8

Not Phil Collins

For one night only Bryan Adams and Def Leppard rocked, I assume, my Lilac City into the night with their respective hits Cuts Like A Knife, Summer of '69, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites and Armageddon It.

(! -- Which song is your favorite? --)

I spent the first part of my morning at work tastelessly asking people to keep their eyes open for a one-armed man, Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leppard. Hardly half my shift had gone by when a man with short blonde hair approached my register and, with a British accent, ordered a 16oz red-eye (coffee and shot of espresso). I wondered where this stranger hailed from. Alas, had he not been wearing his shirt I would have recognized him immediately as Phil Collen, guitarist for Def Leppard. He likes to go topless, ya know.

Saturday, November 5

Still Rocking

I may have forgotten to mention that about 3 weeks ago Stryper played here. Destiny would have it that I would serve two of these gentleman finely crafted coffee beverages. I didn't know these guys as being from Stryper but could tell they were probably not residents of the fine city I call home. I made conversation and discovered they were playing a show that night. A peek at the paper revealed their identity, the two on the left.

Friday, November 4


Found out today I can run, if needed. Short distances. Doesn't hurt. 3 months out from the legbreaking, I figure that's pretty damned good.

It's been raining in Portland. All week. Sure, it'll let up for a few hours, but the rain does not go away. It has come back for a visit, after ignoring us for 2 straight winters. Time for beer.