Thursday, October 20


Booted up this morning to check my email. And my Bookmark Toolbar is GORRAM EMPTY!

For that matter, all my bookmarks are gone. I do not get it. How does this happen? They were there last night. I suppose I better run a virus scan.

I'm not pleased.



DM said...

That's not fucking cool. Did you try a reboot? Sometimes computers just fuck with you until you kick 'em in the shins.

A.Ho said...

Oh yeah. I had to boot it three times just to get it going this morning before finding my bookmarks missing. Nothing in the recycle bin that I accidentaly deleted or anything either, which is why I suspected a virus. But the PC's been acting awfully peculiar lately in general. A lot of 'Recovering from a serious error', 'Windows Explore Must Close' type crap. Also Firefox getting hung up and requiring a restart. I did a manual scan this morning and 2 buggers popped up, but I've no idea that that's the cause of the problem. My Anti-Virus wouldn't update this morning either which is extra peculiar, need to try that again. I'll be doing a system scan with SpyBot and Ad-Aware this afternoon as well. If that turns nothing up or doesn't solve the problem I'll have to dig deeper, maybe reinstall some software. Then if I still have problems I guess I'll do a full-on reinstall of XP. Whee.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

It's things like this that prove to the world just what a Luddite I am. 'Cause I'da chunked the mf'er but not before I checked the gfcinnp card.

Sorry, A. At least you still have!

A.Ho said...

Well I've recovered some of my bookmarks. I'd made an export file a couple months back when I came across a site that allowed you to upload your browser bookmarks to Still some stuff will be missing, but who am I kidding. It's not like we're talking world/life changing sites here. Still, wish I knew what was up. I realized also that the Firefox quicklaunch button was missing from my toolbar as well this morning and there were two shortcuts to the browser on my desktop instead. Fucking twilight zone. Anyhow, two spyware scans revealed very little. A data miner from was all. dc