Saturday, October 22

Tag. You're a goat.

If you've never heard the song My 2600 by Captain Funkaho, track seven of this compilation (and available on iTunes), you are missing out. It's a song about the widely distributed Atari 2600 home gaming system…

"joystick left to right, centipede all night…lose your mind while you're playing pong, frogger all night long"
…that also sees fit to reference goats rather cryptically. After a peek of Funkaho's ep/single I realized it's a theme. I tagged both the song and the artist with goat at Being as I could do a tag search I was curious what other songs may have been tagged thusly. I can proudly say I am the only user to use goat as a stand-alone tag. Others chose to use it in tandem with other descriptors.

When my brother heard this song he thought they were saying, "Frog-Her all night long." He's not well.

1 comment:

DM said...

Don't you be tellin' me you haven't done it froggy style, amigo.

'Cause you haven't lived until you have!