Tuesday, October 4

So awesome I post it here

I haven't had much to contribute here lately. Beyond the semi-amusing comment and, of course, general insanity that comes when you're drunk 24hrs a day.

However, I'm so glad satire still fucking cuts to the bone in this society.

Bill Hicks, genius and ranter extrodinare, often wailed that demons were being sent "to lower the standard for the rest of us, perfect and holy children of god, which is what we are make no mistake about it." And when you look at the current level of competitance (which I've probably gloriously misspelled, making me a jackass) in the public sector, coupled with the sheer raping economic savagry of the private sector, I can't help but think: fuckin' a, the demons are winning.

Is that the wrong impression? Am I just fuckin' stupid or high?

No. I don't know when it became so American to stop questioning the authority, to just accept the struggles that were losing ones were always going to be losing ones (hi Democratic party!) and basically to just cease to call Bullshit on people who were running such high bullshit that superdense forms of matter were taking place, but Fuck I Am Tired of it.

I want every goddamn thing proven, now. I want to take what I need, and be free to give what's extra away. I want to make sure my things don't fucking own me. And I won't let 'society' tell me that if I have an X360 and a PS3 and a Revolution then I will be happy or things will be OK.

I should've gone into politics. I'd be the worst politican ever, but everyone would know it, at least.

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