Saturday, October 1


I went to EB Games the other day to look around, one day I will learn not to do this. I almost made it out untempted, but then spotted a wall of boxes for games being launched with the XBox 360. I planning on holding out for quite some time before getting the new system, waiting at least one, if not two, price drops. $399 seems like a fair deal though, the problem being that to me $399 is a chunk of change, a big chunk. Solution? Well Christmas is right around the corner of course, and around the corner from that is my birthday. I'm thinking I should just request money/giftcards to put toward the system and a couple of games (Perfect Dark|Zero for sure. And I should replay the original.) and grab one for my birthday in January. Then I could take 2 or three days off (maybe Dan could come up), stock up on food (defined as: candy/pizza/soda/beer) and break that sucker in. How's that for a plan? The problem I face with that is priorities, like I could really use a new bed. And if I get that system I'm really going to want a new TV. Maybe a holiday job @ EB is in order, earn extra cash, get a discount. Problem solved? We'll see.


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DM said...

Want is a strange thing.

One should remember that, if you can hold out, it's usually worth it. The opening salvo of games is usually subpar (this has been true for every system I can think of) and on top of that, everything-including the games-is more expensive.

I'm reading that the price of games is going up too...

So why not hold out? I know you've got games in that library of yours that haven't been completed, and when the new system comes out, there will be some cool used stuff to pick up that you didn't get before, due to $$ reasons.

That's going to be my strategy for the PS3. I hope to hold out until the first price drop. I'll get games, if they're used, hold on to them until I get the PS3, and otherwise have a nice time with the old system. I've got Chrono Trigger endings to unearth, Transformers to complete, Culdecpt to play, and now Burnout 3.

To me, it's worth holding out for the better deal. I mean, fuck it-I'm only semi-hardcore.

There's the new Tshirt.


On the back we'll put avzzgoo.