Thursday, October 6


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This is the new Nintendo game system. Yes, that 'remote' is the controller.

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The Primordial Stewardess said...

is that your hand? Cause if so, you're pale as a wddkqr!

DM said...

The Revolution is an interesting study. I appreciate it's attempt to widen the conepts of what videogaming can or should include. The idea that games should be made for a broad range of people just has marketing sense. The punk rock mamas are here-and their SO's want to play games.

But but but. Nintendo's problem has been one of mass market appeal since they were seriously challenged in the console gaming realm 10 years ago. It's not just about the kinds of games they brought to market (b/c they often brought excellent ones, although often one-note wonders; does any other developer, for example, use the bongos?)it's the frequency. Games tend to be played steadily until completed (or boredom).

What do you do then? Why, you get another game. It's just the way we are; that's what we do when we finish a book, or a movie, or an album. And Nintendo continually falters bringing newer titles to market.

And I haven't, and won't, bother addressing things like format (mini CD's?). My point is merely that they continually put themselves in difficult positions by not having a lot of games to play, and making systems that don't conform to at least some of the standards consumers expect.

With costs rising all around, and everyone I know getting poorer, there's just no way we can afford all this shit, great games or no, but the costs oddly enough, tend to go down when more and more people buy the product. So I kinda wish Nintendo would drop the whole 'gamer' thing they're trying to do and actually 1)produce enough games [I am aware 3rd party support is required for this] 2) produce games that appeal to a broad market [done already, really] and 3) quit using freaking fucking tech that no one but a gamer will appreciate.

I'm not saying everything has to be the same, but I think it's worth pointing out that strange controllers are an example of barriers to entry, not an enabler.

A.Ho said...

My hand is pale because it's always in my pants.

Dan, well said.

Word to your nlmaquyk.