Saturday, October 8

Perchance to dream?

Sleep has been elusive these last couple of days, or, more accurately, sleep of a nonirregular nature. Oh well.

Maybe you've been wondering about my photo-double status? Well I hadn't seen Gretchen in a while so I figured she'd found someone better suited to the work. She came by work yesterday, and indeed she has.

In the last two weeks I've been told three times that I look like Tommy Lee. Others aren't disagreeing. The hair has gotten long. That's the only explanation I can offer for this sudden public epiphany.

Ted Leo is rocking me.

I've a new book. It came in the mail today, a nice surprise. It was written by my friend Kevin Sampsell who resides in Portland, OR, works for Powell's, and gave me a place to stay and my first Espresso job back in 1996 when I moved, briefly, to Portland. It came to me from Dan, whom you may be (somewhat) familiar with. I read some bits of it, hardly any really, and found some delightful excerpts to share with friends. So I leave you with this: "You are the unslickest motherfucker I have ever seen."


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