Thursday, October 13

My fav quote of the day

Comes from Fark; the poster in question was talking about the insanity of Fred Phelps, who apparently has a 'church' and a 'website' ( include that so you understand where I'm coming from, not to promote the man, his ideas, or 'god'). I read in the thread that their site apparently has a counter on how many days Matthew Shepard has been in hell.

"I am trying to be a nicer person than I was in the past, but, I don't think I could pass up a chance to kick this SOB in the nuts."-icecycle

You know, I've been taught all my life that hatred is a dark, horrible thing. That fear and hatred can (and has!) taken people into hellish scapes Dante would cower in fear at the thought of. Yoda taught me well.

But I read shit like that, and I think: hatred has it's bonuses. 'Cause believe you me, given the chance and ANY reasonable motive to boost that goatblower's testicles to the moon with steel toed boots, I WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT. Repeatedly. And I don't feel bad about that, nor like I'm doing something wrong, even. I would be perfectly content to let him be eaten by wolverines on rabies; and fuck it, I'd sell tickets to the event. Beer. Superballs to throw at the wolverines soas to goad them into even nastier action. Whatever it took to make sure he was fucked up.

I'm just sayin'.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

could you let me in for free since I know you and we've done it like at least a hundred times? 'Cause I'm kind of broke these days.

I can't bring myself to visit the sounds too yukdkdq for me.

DM said...

I'd be willing to exchange boobie flashes/beer for cash as admission.

A.Ho said...

That last paragraph is your own sentiments right? Superballs, wolverines and such?


DM said...

Oh yeah. The only quoted bit is in quotes.