Saturday, October 15

Minor Injury Boy

If you're keeping track of the myriad of ways I've hurt myself over the years you can add this:

Taking a pan out of the oven setting it on the counter, putting down the oven mitt, do this, do that, turn around, pick up the pan with my unmitted hand. Yurg.


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The Primordial Stewardess said...

What the crap? I do that, too! Right now, I slept too hard, and I look injured but I'm not, because I have some serious sheet lines all over my skin. My coolest minor(?) injury was when I was a little girl in a pet store, and I provoked a macaw that was sitting out of his cage on display, and he almost bit my left index finger off. I had to had it stitched back together, and I still have a scar. But mostly, I burn myself by taking shit out of the oven and then deciding to bare-handed grab it about 45 seconds later. Yea, verily, yurg, indeed.

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