Tuesday, October 11

Mainly Bad News To Report

Trip to the Great White North was great and white and north. Here's the bad news:

Bad news the first: I caught either the SARS or the common cold. I feel like shite. The silver lining is that when a woman on the plane was very rude to me, I breathed all over that beyotch and wished her the worst.

Bad news the second: Someone broke in to my house while I was gone. The silver lining is that I expected it and had some...shall we say failsafes, in place for just such an occurance. I'm reminded of a line from Jackie Brown - gold star/cookie/etc. for the first guesses to guess correctly!

Bad news the third: Someone's been reading my diary. By which I mean, my privacy on this weblog has been compromised. The silver lining? Well, there is none. I'm going to stop blogging on here. I'll continue on Hapless Happiness, but all of my intimacy, all of my vulnerabilites, all of my doubts and dreams are going to have to spend the rest of their days in the confines of my cranium. Poor intimacy, vulnerabilities, doubts and dreams. The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill, compadres.

A - would you mind taking my namesake and beautious visage down? You guys have my maths (I think), if you want to talk, because I'm pretty sure email is also compromised. Fuck. I'll be in touch as things calm down.

love like the strongest diamond,



A.Ho said...

Seriously, what the fuck is up with that punk-ass-bitch. Yeah, I'm talking about you.

DM said...

Well. That just blows.

Get back to us when you decide to pull out a new username and password. We'll keep a spot warm for ya.

Vince said...

Mel, I am sorry to hear about all of the doo-doo. I really do not understand the thought process of some peeps. Hope to 'see' you 'around' soon.

Fuz said...

Ouch. See, I keep on doing experiments to prove that people aren't going to become total pricks given the opportunity. So there's another batch of research down the drain.

May life be less fucked up for you soon.