Friday, October 21

The Constantines / Wolf Parade / The Hold Steady

I picked up The Constantines Tournament of Hearts today. If you walked by this and thought about getting it, but ultimately passed it up, I recommend grabbing it next time you're out for music. If you liked Shine A Light, which I liked more than a little, you should dig this immensely.

Also check: TinyMixTapes

I was in Boo Radley's today and they were playing Wolf Parade. I already liked this band but sometimes I need to hear something without trying to hear it. I found myself really digging it, bouncing my head and maybe even dancing a bit. You'll probably see it climb on my charts this week, if you're watching.

The Hold Steady's Separation Sunday should be heard. I'm not saying it should be liked, but I imagine that will be the case most of the time.


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