Thursday, October 6


• Year in which perfluorochemicals, used in Teflon and other nonstick products, were first introduced : 1956[Environmental Working Group (Washington)]

Percentage of U.S. children who now have one of these nonbiodegradable chemicals in their bloodstreams : 96

• Year by which Brazil's government will have switched its computers entirely to open-source software : 2010

Amount they expect the switch will save each year : $48,000,000 [ …or maybe $120,000,000? ]

• Minimum number of prescription drugs currently under investigation for Medicaid price-gouging or • marketing fraud : 500

• Number of Danish graduate students who last December released a copyright-free recipe for an “open-source beer” : 15

Number of times the website has been accessed so far : 133,000

• Average number of $75 anal bleachings that an L.A.-area salon performs each day : 5

Stats courtesy of Harpers Index
Linkage dug up by A.Ho

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DM said...

I thought anal bleaching was a myth.

It should be. If you're gonna fuck someone in the ass, it shoudn't be pretty. Fuck porn.