Wednesday, October 12

Abusing My Privilige

did I miss something or are the 'Kannonites of this weblog not planning on seeing the vaunted Built To Spill in a coupla days?


DM said...

The way I hear it, BtS is sometimes brilliant live, and sometimes like watching snails cross a kitchen floor.

I've liked a record or two from 'em myself. But I've read too many stories about how the band got up and just prog-alt-noodled their way through the set, playing 20+ minute songs.

So who knows?

Mel said...

hmmm. Fuck that noise.

I am too sick/tired to think of anything clever, so I'll leave it to my betters:


A.Ho said...

I was planning on going. I was excited to go. But I've seen them once before and it was…unspectacular. Not bad, by any means, but kind of dull. Exciting to Spokanites due to a lack of high-caliber live music events. If money were plentiful I'd give it another shot, but I'm putting my eggs in The Decemberists basket instead.