Thursday, September 15

My Blogging style cannot be defeated!

My beers of choice lately: a combination of Mirror Pond, Bachelor Bitter (mmm...), and Moose Drool (mmm, and mmm...thank you Big Sky Brewery).

Thought you should know.

...oh, and by combination I mean one or another, not blended. Scared you huh?

...oh, again, I watched the third episode of Oz yesterday. I'm still not sure what to make of this show. Meanwhile The Wire continues to be satisfactory, and oddly elegant.


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DM said...

I be needin' to see The Wire. Must get out of house!

OZ is...difficult to watch. It finds humanity in strange, dark places, but there are a lot of strange, dark places to face before you see the humanity. I've seen through season 4(I think-I know I've done 3) and it's enthralling. But I usually watch it all at once-and let me tell you one season of OZ in a weekend is about all a body can take.