Tuesday, September 27

I feel ya.

I've been playing online poker for pennies and can say that I have felt similarly. I've read that it's harder to beat a novice than an intermediate player because they just don't know better. I would consider myself a novice in terms of experience with intermediate knowledge of the workings, so I guess I'd be in the middle somewhere. As far as actual skill goes, I've no real idea.


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DM said...

I can definately sympathize with this, just with my Magic playing days.

I've been playing so long, though, that I just accept that sometimes, I'm gonna lose, and that's the way of things. Luck exists, and trumps your plans every so often.

My issues kick in when someone is a tool about winning. Or when I play so badly I deserve to lose. However, I've done enough games to not take it personally. Unless, of course, someone makes it personal.