Thursday, September 29


A few days ago, last Friday to be exact, I bought my ticket for The Decemberists. They are playing at The Big Easy in about three weeks, with Cass McCombs. Rebecca Gates, of The Spinanes, has opened for them a few times and I wish that were the case this time, but as long as I see The Decemberists all shall be ok.

I did not feel like repeating my Sufjan embarassment.

Now I have to decide how much I'd like to see Built To Spill. Last time they played here, the only time, they were very underwhelming, not bad, just not fabulous. Anyone ever seen a righteous show by them? Should I go?

I saw The Treepeople play 13 years ago at Mother's Pub (now the B-Side) and that still stands out as one of the best shows I've ever seen. Mr. Martsch is certainly capable of supplying The Rock.


Ok. Too funny. I was looking over the C/Z Records website, which has some good history, and came across this bit about Hammerbox. They were a great live band and their self-titled album rocks. Here ya go:

1992 - MC Hammer threatens C/Z artist, Hammerbox with a lawsuit over their name. Eventually the suit is dropped. Hammerbox signs with A&M, tours extensively, and finally breaks up. Carrie goes on to start Goodness.


Kris said...

Yeah, you can't miss the Decemberists. I've seen them three or four times, and they've been great each time.

fancyassbitch said...

First of all, don't waste your money on the Built to Spill show. You know I love them as much as you, if not more. But they don't play good shows anymore; it's just not worth it. Unless you really LIKE to hear them jam for 25 minutes on a 4 minute song. Over. And over. Which is not my idea of a good time. Plus you have to deal with the hippies. GOD, the hippies. Seriously.

Second, in response to your post above about Mia, why do you bring up? It it the anniversary? Mia was a goddess (dare I say Primordial?) and I am glad that from time to time, people remember that. And still think about her. And celebrate her. And mourn her sad and mysterious end.

Third, and most importantly, my magic word that allows me to post: jzfnkchp.
I think that it is what the truly "in the know" gangsta rappers say to each other, and it translates either to "Jay-Z is a funkin' Chump" or, my preference, "Jay-Z is a Funk Chop."

DM said...

Word is Sufjan was fantastic live. Rumor and sigh is all I've heard, though, and the dwarves are starting to howl for mead.
And urine.