Thursday, September 29

Everyone's A Comedian (but not me)

I got the pic to the left in an html mail from a club in Houston that I somehow managed to get on their VIP list. Normally, I think, "Oh, good. Glad to see Opus is still keeping the Beautiful People scene alive." But today, they offered me something totally different. I had my fucking mind blown by today's email. They introduced me to a band called The Reds. Embiggen the picture to chickety chickety check it out.

About goddamned time. Finally. Finally! An alternative band that plays hip-hop. I never thought I'd see the day.

Next thing you know, we'll be having hip-hop bands playing alternative music! Will my mind ever cease to being blown?


A.Ho said...

You won't mind that I've sent this off to both the Opus and the The Reds.

These are not the droids you're looking for.


A.Ho said...

Yes. That was fun.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

lol you practical joker, you.

From here on out, I'm calling you my btxislmx.

DM said...

I think pink martinis are good.

A.Ho said...



Mike from Opus said...

Don't worry hell hasn"t frozen over yet. I don't even know if The Reds are ok with the way I described them. I was at sherlocks one night thought why are they playing 50 cent, but it didn't sound the way it does on the radio. They I went up the stairs and saw that it was 4 whit guys who look like they belong in a rock band. I talked to them after their set and booked them for my club, Opus. This will be our first live music event. Come check it out and tell me what you think. Get there before 11 and avoid the $10 cover for the band.
Mike From Opus

messy texan said...

LMAO, A.Ho, you ahole, lol.

oh, it makes me want to zjodvkl-u!

A.Ho said...

Oh my...please do, you Xbxan you.