Thursday, September 15

Can we do this sometime?

Because I can't be the only person interested.


A.Ho said...

Let's do it.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

I'm too broke this year.

Shall we pencil it in for next year? A Nogginite event?

DM said...

Seems like that could work out great. Any event where I get to drink good beer can't be all bad.

A.Ho said...

Next year is what I was thinking.

Could an event where you get to drink good beer be all good?

DM said...

Depends on who's buyin' and whether or nor you're getting oral afterward.

But signs point to yes.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

"Depends on who's buyin' and whether or not..."

I am throttling my i.d. impulses to indulge in lechery.

See? Wasn't that totally deft word play? Sometimes, I'm afraid my word play is too it only works in my own brain. So, if I explain my word play, its not because I think my intended audience is not smart enough to get it. Its because I think my intended audience is not me enough to get it. So, don't be insulted when I explain my word play.

'Cause, see, I know the Freudian "id" is spelled like that. And, contextually, the reader would think that I made a typo in the original comment. But they'd be wrong. Because obscure references that yield sexual innuendo are my favorite. I have a dick size competition with myself over how imaginative and obscure I can be. The cheap jokes always feel so hollow.

See, "i.d." is also the abbreviation for the measurement "internal diameter." Its also the acronym for lots of other reaching-for-straws sexual innuendo. Observe:

I+D = Investigacion y Desarrollo (Research and Development para those of us who hablan The Spanish)

I&D = Inspection and Delivery (manufacturing)

I&D = Installation and Dismantle (exhibition)

I&D = Integrate and Dump (circuitry)

the list goes on and on. Most smart people I know hate language. Me? I just enjoy punnishment.

One thing's for sure: one must never starve the id.

A.Ho said...

You're idsane.