Tuesday, August 16

So. I'm looking ahead in my NETFLIX queue trying to decide what to move up to the top. I was checking out Farscape and noticed that the sequencing on it is all crazy-like. Maybe someone, and I mean Dan, familiar with the series can explain it to me. So here it is:

Disc 01 -- Episodes 1 & 7
Disc 02 -- Episodes 2 & 4
Disc 03 -- Episodes 3 & 6
Disc 04 -- Episodes 5 & 8
Disc 05 -- Episodes 9 & 10
Disc 06 -- Episodes 11 & 13
Disc 07 -- Episodes 12 & 14

Discs 08 - 11 contain the remaining episodes (15-21) in order.




DM said...

Sorry man, that's an entirely new thing to me.

The tapes/DVD's I've rented have all been in sequential order. Maybe a Netflix typo?

A.Ho said...

That's what I'm hoping, cause that's goofy. I emailed them after I wrote that, so we'll see.

fancyassbitch said...

no, that seems to be their hook, or whatever, to make you BUY IT.

The only way to handle it, if you WANT TO, is to get all 3 disks at a time: 1, 2 and 3. Then: 4, 5, and 6. OR rent at local video? OR wait for some rich and clumsy friend to BUY IT. And then borrow it.

A.Ho said...

I'm on a four disc plan so I would be able to get 1-4 and then 5-7 and proceed from there. It's incredibly ridiculous if that's really the way it's set up.

DM said...

Gotta agree with that. Sorry man, that blows.

It's a good series, too. They don't have to pull tricks like that-it works on its own merits.