Sunday, August 21 The Breaking Point

MAGAZINE   | August 21, 2005
The Breaking Point
The Saudis say they can supply all our oil needs. Critics say that that is becoming impossible. They just might turn out to be right.

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The Primordial Stewardess said...

This is alarming without being alarmist.

I drive an '04 Tahoe. My ex wanted me to get it. I wanted to get the more economical (but not altogether socially-conscious) Saab 9-3. He didn't have to twist my arm, exactly, it is a nice ride. Now that I'm on my own, financially speaking, it is the bane of my existance. Car payment, insurance, and the cost of my petrol, end up being, most months, as much as my mortgage. That's $1100 a month for transportation. Also, since I drive so much (about 3000/month for work), I've depreciated the hell out of it by driving the hell out of it. So, I'm spending $1100 a month on a car I'm about $7000 upside down in. Quite the bitch, to be perfectly frank.

I wish I had gotten a hybrid.

Excuse me while I go take a silent second on my house, take a loan out against my 401k, and donate some eggs, just to fill up (roughly $65, twice a week.)

I repeat: I wish I had gotten a hybrid.