Monday, August 29

Hear Music Cafe's on Flickr

Here's some photos of the Starbucks Hear Music Bars where you can custom burn you own cd's. I guess the library is about 150,000 songs. These may only be of interest to me, but they're my first visuals of something I've heard a lot about.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

I should start going to the SB, huh? I had no idea! They sure as shit don't have cool shit like that at my local SB. They have scones and board games. And The Coffee. Yes, the have The Coffee. I order a small (tall, short, venti, grande wtfev.) caramel apple cider at a hundredntwenny, with light caramel. Tell me more about this...Hear Music.

Also, I'm glad to see that Blogger is now questioning my humanity in order to prevent the spam. Problem is, these human eyes have difficulty discerning wavy twisted letters sometimes. Blogger's system does not appear to be too bad, though.


A.Ho said...

Well there are very few of these Hear Music Bars as of now. I would guess between 5-10 of them, if that. The first one was in Santa Monica, CA and I guess there is one in Berkeley. I think there's a couple in Seattle and that's about it. I think they're in a test phase still. More will be rolled out and I imagine certain stores will be outfitted with X number of terminals depending on size/location. Austin would probably be a good bet for a store in the not to distant future.

I'm not a fan of the funny letters either, but these actually don't seem to bad.