Friday, August 26

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This isn't necessarily about logic or reason but may be about bravery. Also, being a cocaine addict is bound to skew your 'take' on a situation that your coping with by coking up.


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The Primordial Stewardess said...

See, you are making a point that I had blinders on to - because I am not addicted to cocaine. Furthermore, I've never been addicted to cocaine. I can't fathom what it must be like, except I think its a safe assuption that your ability to think rationally is probably pretty impaired.

I suppose what I was arguing in my last post was that he shouldn't have ever started doing The Smack, he should have never married a woman if he was gay, and he certainly shouldn't have complicated these things by creating a family and by becoming the CEO of a major company.

Which is, basically, retarded and pointless for me to do. Because he isn't a clairvoyant, and passing judgments about things in the past is just a huge exercise in futility. The 21st century's yesterday.

Ergo, it is probably not logical that I say, "Friend! Why aren't you making adult, rational decisions while strung out on coke?" nor is it logical that I say, "Friend! Why did you do things in the past that weren't the best choice considering what you know now?"

Mainly, though, I just try to be there for him. If it makes him feel a tiny bit of respite from whatever turmoil to call me up in the middle of the night, coked out of his skull, and tell me that he's gay, then, you know what, I'm all for that.

I swear, the more I learn about life, and the more I consider things, and the more people I know that I love and respect give me their take on things, the more I have to qualify my beliefs. Which leads me to this conclusion:

I don't know dick about shit, mostly. I'll share my rudimentary opinions and clumsy thoughts with you and you can care or not at your own leisure.