Wednesday, August 31

Invincible Maiden

Because I can.
Because I care.


Tuesday, August 30

A One-Beer Buzz

So, it's been about 5½ hours since I've eaten and I just downed a Black Butte Porter over the course of about 10 minutes, probably less. I feel nice.

BAC Keyring Doodad

Wee, what fun!

Monday, August 29

Hear Music Cafe's on Flickr

Here's some photos of the Starbucks Hear Music Bars where you can custom burn you own cd's. I guess the library is about 150,000 songs. These may only be of interest to me, but they're my first visuals of something I've heard a lot about.

Sunday, August 28

Saturday, August 27

a sad day

a lonely day



I'm confused at the implication of being confused. I think.

What I know: Messy Texan posted recently in a post, and this is excerpted, 'you should unfuck yourself directly'

That was funny. Wasn't it?


And now, after a couple days of strange errors, I am able to check my gmail again. HooRAY.


That is fucking it.

I went out last night w/Kris. I had 3 beers. One pilsner. One IPA.

One Blue Dot Ale from Hair of the Dog.

I will never drink that shit again. Ever.

I am stupid hung over, and that is after 8 hours of sleep. My head has little ice skaters cutting into my brain. I feel queasy. I've got a touch of the shakes.

So fuck that noise. I will now recommend Blue Dot only to people I want to see in pain.

On the plus side, Kris and I had a good time, along with Dan C and Ashley, so at least the evening was good.

Friday, August 26

1½ ¢

This isn't necessarily about logic or reason but may be about bravery. Also, being a cocaine addict is bound to skew your 'take' on a situation that your coping with by coking up.


I don't know.

See, I do and accept all kinds of shit about my friends. Things I wouldn't be cool with a stranger doing. I also try to encourage my friends to follow the brighter path-and they do the same for me, I hope. (But don't tell them I'm Satan.)

And while I agree with Fuz and the MT that people should stand up for themselves, and live responsible lives, AND that they are responsible for the shit they do when the fuck up or lie-

I also know that there, sometimes, but for the grace of the Universe, go I. And as absurd as it may seem, people don't make decisions like hiding their homosexualty, or their bizzare love for Andrew WK, with the idea that they are going to hurt anyone. They do it because they think they are doing the right thing-the best possible thing.

And it should also be noted, that people do things and make demands, that us, looking in on their lives, do not understand. Can't. I have a friend whose ex-wife did shit that should not stand anywhere under any circumstances. Yet he stayed with her. And I supported him, because he's my friend. And when he got out, I supported him in that, too.

I love Fuz, I do. But I also know that he made a decision not to go to Texas in part b/c his SO said: If you go, you go without me. And this had not just a little to do with the attitudes us northerners have about the conditions in the south. (Some justified, some not, like anything else.)

I don't bring up that story to make Fuz look bad, I bring it up because, like it or not, we are passing judgement on someone whose life we do not have, with pressures we do not understand, and with biases that have nothing to do with that person's life, but with ourselves.

I'm not saying that we are doing something wrong, mind you. I'm saying that we should acknowledge what we are doing, and allow for the possibility that we are wrong, or at least, being harsh.

That DOESN'T mean I think that people should get a free pass for the dumb fucking decisions they make. As the Texan pointed out-taking responsibility for your actions is part of what makes you an adult. And I even said to Fuz in an email that
I don't think you should give him any slack. He chose a lie. On top of that-he chose cocaine. One I could understand, and feel bad for, but not a lot. The other, I just think: fucking moron.
Because at some point, he said: this is more important than that to me.

But perhaps I was quick in my judgement.

Thursday, August 25

The Funny

You'll have to scroll down to Vartian's animated gif entry in this Fark contest.

I hurt myself laughing. But not in the long-term injury way. Thankfully.

In other news, the pretzels in Frito-Lay's Munchies Classic Mix can be considered to be toxic to carbon-based life forms, and you should avoid them if hungry for food. If hungry for love, please eat immediately.

Wednesday, August 24

October 13th

How shall we celebrate Peel Day?

Request granted (2nd time)

The last post got spammed. Fuckin' A.

I just deleted everything (I hope) and reposted-which in this case is a link that A.Ho asked me to provide to my last LJ entry.

shout out the doubt

Step one -- Run in tiny circles while screaming.

Tex: You were not invited here to censor yourself, so please don't feel that you have to stylize your posts. You add a wonderful vibrancy and life to this page and I'm glad that you're here.

There is no theme. This site is for us. To whatever purpose it suits yourself, Dan, and I is what it will be. If it's about anything it's about having a place to share and keep in contact with each other. Maybe other people who know us check in here once in a while to see what we're up to and see what's been on our minds.

I don't know that I can offer any words to alleviate your worries. Please just know that you are not alone in being afraid of stuff.

I, for one, am afraid of posting anything too real here. You bring it.


Monday, August 22

The irony, the irony!

"To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us, and make a broken tyrant a latter-day Arab hero. It would have taken us way beyond the imprimatur of international law bestowed by the resolutions of the Security Council, assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt for a securely entrenched dictator and condemning them to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban guerilla war. It would only plunge that part of the world into even greater instability and destroy the credibility we were working so hard to reestablish."

Who said it!?

C'mon, you want to know about who said it! Answer in link.

In other news: Kris-cool button.
Texan: I hope your hangover is done now.
And me: I get my stitches removed today.

Sunday, August 21 The Breaking Point

MAGAZINE   | August 21, 2005
The Breaking Point
The Saudis say they can supply all our oil needs. Critics say that that is becoming impossible. They just might turn out to be right.


Thanks to Kris for this button which I will post into the template in the near future.


Wednesday, August 17

Rock & Pop

I haven't been using my iPod much, and that's ok. With the old 40GB I used it all the time because I had the charging dock and could run the music through my computer speakers, like running iTunes without hogging all the PC resources. The new 60GB doesn't fit the old dock and I just haven't felt like buying a new one. So, I occasionally listen to it at work and sometimes if I ride the bus, which I don't do much this time of year. In the winter I'll be sure to use it more.

I find that with the iPod, and iTunes for that matter, that I tend to listen more to playlists or just my shuffled library, and not albums. I like to listen to albums. A lot. On the go it makes more sense because the chance that I'm going to be able to give an album the attention that it deserves is very little, so playlists are ok. If I'm listening to music at my PC then it's usually because I am organizing or adding to the library or just get the urge to hear a certain song and then that song or some website will trigger the desire to hear a different song.

I've fallen out of the habit of listening to albums. I used to just lay on my bed or chill on a couch and close my eyes and take in some music, or maybe I was driving, in the days that I had a car, in which case I kept my eyes open. Mostly. Anyhow, albums rule and are really my preferred way to take in music. I'm going to emphasize it more in my day to day routine. Here's what I've enjoyed recently, nothing new, just what I picked out of my collection to hear.

Last week I listened to Sleater-Kinney's The Woods multiple times. It is good. Very good. I think I only listened to it two or three times immediately after I bought it. That was enough to determine that it was as good as any hype it received and that it met/exceeded my own expectations. Then I bought Stars Set Yourself On Fire and that album just grabbed ahold of me and everytime I thought about listening to SK my Stars album would glint in the sun and beg to be spun. I listened to that yesterday after not hearing it for a month or more. It also meets the criteria of good, and very good. Today I gave Sonic Youth's Murray Street two spins. I was going to name my favorite tracks off of it but that's really irrelevent. I do have favorites on it but the whole thing is just so phenomenal and no tracks on it deserve the disservice of being unfavored. Just now I listened to Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness. Wow. Utterly pleasant. Two songs that I'll note as personal standouts from that disc are Bees and Brahminy Kite.



dive in restaurant

I have finished my money earning obligations for the day. Disc five (of six) for 24 arrived in the mail and I intend to take full advantage of it, or at least three-quarters advantage. Spokane is being blessed with glorious rain and cloudy cool temperatures. It is a joy I plan to sit outside and partake of, with beer in hand. My cat vies and vies for affection and then the moment I pick him up, seeing he won't be denied, he then decides he only wants a tiny moment of my time -- control freak.

We're all rockstars here.


Tuesday, August 16

This isi my new favorite line

It's nice to know that when I have sex with her, I'll slap her ass and it will sound like freedom.

Jesus. That's the best. line. ever.

/that's how it sound whenever I have sex with a woman, though
//mmmm...freedom ringing
So. I'm looking ahead in my NETFLIX queue trying to decide what to move up to the top. I was checking out Farscape and noticed that the sequencing on it is all crazy-like. Maybe someone, and I mean Dan, familiar with the series can explain it to me. So here it is:

Disc 01 -- Episodes 1 & 7
Disc 02 -- Episodes 2 & 4
Disc 03 -- Episodes 3 & 6
Disc 04 -- Episodes 5 & 8
Disc 05 -- Episodes 9 & 10
Disc 06 -- Episodes 11 & 13
Disc 07 -- Episodes 12 & 14

Discs 08 - 11 contain the remaining episodes (15-21) in order.




A young boy of about 5 or 6 just walked by the window where I sit and internet, there's an alley there. He was banging two sticks together like he was playing the drums. He was pretty good.


I refute the 2nd law of thermodynamics!


And thank you, for the props, Ms Stewardess.

I almost cry when I think about pulling a knife from my arm.

Wiki Mania

People I didn't know were Spokanites.

Ryne Sandberg: baseball Hall of Famer
Michael Clarke: drummer for The Byrds
Paul d'Amour: original bassist for Tool
Chuck Jones: two words -- Loony Tunes. Directed How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

And some people that I did:

Julia Sweeney: created and portrayed Pat on SNL. And consequently came into my workplace the other day and ordered, if I remember correctly, a Quad Grande w/room Americano.

Craig Montaya: bassist for Everclear. Formerly in the Spokane band Soul Patch.

And of course:


Monday, August 15

bang zoom

I'm curious why the word won't is not, instead, the word willn't.


the forest for the trees

When will we fess up? Blood for Oil

And some tidbits: Sometimes you just can't do a thing. & Bubonic or Black?

it's late. i'm bored.

I am generally a very pleased NETFLIX customer and I recommend them to anyone who will listen. However, I don't tend to rent the hottest new thing so my experience is probably different from someone who is always going for titles in the Top 100.

This is some of the stuff I came across in my search for other's opinions and experiences regarding NETFLIX.

Manuel Villanueva's CALCULATOR, OP-ED & JOURNAL
Michael S. Muegel's An Analysis of Netflix's DVD Allocation System

An alternative -- GreenCine

My DVD Plate:

I'm currently in the midst of the first season of 24. I'm eleven hours into the story and quite enthralled, so enthralled in fact that I'm a bit ticked that I'm not getting a new disc tomorrow. I thought the delay was simply the non-delivery of mail on Sunday but as it turns out NETFLIX workers don't do Saturday or Sunday, so my mail isn't even being processed until tomorrow when those chumps get back to work. This seems like an unecessary delay, sure, you can't help the mail, but it seems counterproductive to be in a service oriented business and not have people work on Saturday, hell, even Sunday could be a nice catch up day. I wonder if NETFLIX people work Holidays. Hmm. Anyhow, 24 rules. Hard.


Wednesday, August 10

The Pepsi Challenge?

Is apparently fidelity.

I wonder what the ratio would be for Kool-Aid.

Tuesday, August 9


The Christian Paradox (

It gets better!

I actually broke the damn leg.

Now, I've got to see an orthopedic surgon, just to make sure everything is going to heal ok.

But, of course, using the ones my insurance 'approves' of is proving to be an insane difficulty. The one my doc recommended-less so. But I'm still waiting for an appointment.

I hate this waiting, doctor, insurance bullshit. I just want to go to work tomorrow, and I want to know if I need crutches or not. Why is this so hard? And why will it cost me so much money?

I'm going to go play videogames. Looks like at least the Stewardess had a rockin' time.

Saturday, August 6

You're having more fun than me

Odds are.

I sprained my ankle today. Woo! Now while it IS nice to have people get you a beer when you want one, it's less thrilling to be immobile and subject to their shitty taste in movies.

Monday, August 1


I've been thinking about this whole Sam Adams, Jim Koch, bottles vs. cans issue that Dan linked to. I find it ridiculous. A fairly wise young fellow I once met said that the best beer he's ever had is the beer he's got in his hand. Consumers want that beer. They want it at the ballgame and on the plane. They'll be happy with a can. And he's holding out to the tune of millions of dollars?

Starbucks went through a similar thing years ago. Customers wanted nonfat milk in their lattes and Howard Schulz essentially said 'no way.' Why? Because a whole milk latte just tastes a hell of a lot better, and gosh darn it that's the way it's supposed to be. He eventually gave it a chance, to the tune of many many millions of dollars.

People want what they want, and pay for it. If that demand can be met, ethically and morally, and it's not being done, only stubborness and perhaps severe mental retardation are to blame.

- A.Ho -