Sunday, July 24

we are very, very good looking. really.

I went to Portland for four days last week and got back Saturday night. I had more fun than expected, most of it on Friday -- I spent the afternoon with Liz at the Tazo Tea company picnic where I met a fun group of people. We played more than a few rousing rounds of "Pass the Pigs" as the Mirror Pond poored freely. After the beer was cut-off Liz and I meandered through the Oregon Zoo looking for bears and giraffes. On the way out we hit the gift shop where I grabbed a couple postcards to send my parents and work while Liz grabbed some souvenir pennies.

After some downtime and dinner Dan and I left for the Horse Brass Pub to meet up with Kris, master of I've been reading Kris' blog for sometime now and it was a real treat to hang out with him. We were fortunate enought to grab a table right away, the Horse Brass has become quite the popular spot, and we got right down to the business of ordering beers. It wasn't long before small talk turned to genuine enjoyable and fun conversation. We were soon joined by Krissy, then Damien and Kieron. Laughs kept coming as talk turned from this, to that, covering a surprising range of topics as the perception of time disappeared and memories and friendships formed.

Other highlights:
•The Menomena show
•Killzone on the PS2
•New used music: The Replacements Hootenanny, The Pixies at the BBC, Frank Black s/t
•Dan's fantastic homebrew
•losing my keys
•missing the Sufjan Stevens show due to my failure to plan and the show selling out
•guy losing control of bike, down a big hill, hitting the fence, breaking his arm and being taken away in an ambulance
•brief visit with Kevin Sampsell
•meeting Alodie
•Rogue Chamomile Ale
•Built to Spill stickers
•finding out Built to Spill will play Spokane in October
•free Tazo bottled drinks
•Reverend the cat
•driving with Dan/Liz around town
•tea tasting
•running into my old boss Alice after deplaning in Spokane
•Division & 20th-ish Starbucks
•Division & 120th-ish Starbucks
•Stumptown coffee
•buying homebrew ingredients for Dan's next batch
•not missing work or Spokane.


Fuz said...

Wish I could have been there.

Oh well, will be hitting the 'Kan in October. Hope to see you, Aaron, if only for a quick drink.


A.Ho said...

It should be noted that in addition to losing my keys, I did not find them.