Monday, July 25

the truth of the fun

The truth here is scary. I don't often go out and drink up like we did that night and it never occured to me that maybe we shouldn't drive home. It would probably be safe to say that we, Dan and I, were overserved. I'd planned to stop at three drinks as I was doing just fine but then the waitress shows up and my beer is empty, so I get another. Anyways, it was a blast. People do what people do and there will always be someone that will have a bit too much and drive, even when it goes against their general character. I'm glad we're all home safe as well as those on the road with us that night.


DM said...

Well...what I didn't say was: upon arriving home, I smoked a little pot.

DM said...

And that might've affected my abilities, once I got home. While it is true I had one more than I should have, it's also true that I did things upon my arrival home that compounded my state of mind-and made me much worse.

I'm not saying I should/not have driven.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

you boys are arguing the same point...preaching to the choir...or some other meaningless colloquialism!

Did you guys live? Yes.

Did you injure/kill anyone else? No.

Point is, everyone knows its not safe to drive while under the influence. Most nearly everyone I know has done it at some point or another. Its like smoking, in a way. No one (these days) starts smoking and thinks, "Gee I wonder if this is going to do my body irreparable damage?" You know driving under the influence is bad, but you take an informed risk.

I just realized I sort of made a case for drunk driving, or at least some ideological argument for adults being allowed to take informed, calculated risks in a free country. Giving drunk driving two first metacarpals up was heck no not my intention. The last time I drove drunk was in college, and, actually, that was more like driving while beyond fucking shitfaced, really. I didn't die, no one else died, and I think that's pretty much good. Also, I was glad I didn't end up in the Houston bayous.

So, yeah, its dumb to do, most everyone does it sometimes, and occasionally someone dies - you or others. So, there it is.

Yeah, I agree, this had no point. I do wish cigarettes actually made you healthier, though.