Wednesday, July 6

le venue

Hmm. I recall buying a plane ticket and flying to Portland to see GbV play at said Crystal Ballroom. I remember it being quite the experience. Of course it was my only GbV show and only Ballroom show. Perhaps the experience is moot.

And my heart soared for a moment as well because I immediately thought JULY 20th, not August.

I only knew that Sufjan's new record was out yesterday. Thanks to Kris' comment at
I haven't been as regimented in my Pitchfork visits since they changed the site over, so I haven't been quite as looped as in the past on such matters. I don't like the new site as much and I let them know in their survey.

The illicit album is out there if you're quick, but no more will be shipped. I did procure it.

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DM said...

This may come as a surprise, but we were a bit drunk at that show. Our experiences were good (they played a hell of a set, for quite a long time) they are, sadly, rare.

Having seen QOTSA, Negativeland, Death Cab for Cutie, Fear Factory, Afghan Whigs and more there, I can definitvely state that the sound there 90% of the time, would be better channeled through my ass. It's too bad, because the venue is pretty cool as as place to be.