Sunday, July 31

Holy Capital Letter F

Walking home from work this morning at 10AM it was 80° !! This does not bode well for my afternoon. I have stuff I'd like to do and if I don't get it done by around noon it is going to be too hot in my apartment to be properly motivated. It will also be too warm to watch a DVD or play XBox. I imagine myself propped up against a pillow in my bathtub reading.

My family learned in April that my sister would be expecting her second child in late December. She learned this week that she will be expecting twins. My nephew Sean will not be quite two years-old at that time. I'm no seer but I predict exhaustive days and nights to come for her. If she lived closer I would be able to help out once in a while. As it stands I only see them about every three months.

I'd like to grant her the patience and stamina needed to endure her continuing motherhood. Can I do that?

- A.Ho -


DM said...

Twins! Congrats to her and her husband and your family.

But yike. That's...some big work.

5:43pm, and it's 82 degrees.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

Dan, with your most gracious sanctification, may I have the honor of seconding your Yike?

Congrats all around, nonetheless.

I pity the fool that thinks 82 degrees is hot. You wanna know hot? Sweating your balls off hot? Try Texas, for a change. On second, thought, don't. Its an armpit, what can I say?