Monday, July 25


It should be said that one should NOT drink more than 2 pints of Hair of the Dog's Blue Dot ale.

While the last post I made is entirely appropriate in language and tone of myself, I do not remember making it. I was having what the kids call a blackout. It has been quite some time since I have done that, and I'm a little pleased to see that my basic nature is unchanged when I am really, really, really, really really fucking drunk.

So: you have all been warned. 2 pints. That's it. You're done for the night.

It should also be noted that I didn't black out until I got home. I do remember having that photo taken, when I try to be Gene Simmons. I think we all know why A.Ho is known as 'the nice/cute one' now. I remember going home, and I even remember parts of being home.

Anyway. That's why my last post reads like it does. I just thought I'd offer that, in case anyone was wondering.

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The Primordial Stewardess said...

I've been trying to work "Yike!" in all day long!

Genius, my brother, drunk profundity of a genius.

Glad you guys had fun and also blackouts!