Monday, July 4

Broken Habit

For nearly two years I faithfully employed the clicking mechanism of my mouse to take me to the Penny Arcade website. Somehow over the last year I've lost that habit. I've taken a few moments today to dig in their archives and see if I could pick up where I left off and get back in the groove. It will no doubt be some enjoyable reading.

I picked up this quote from there today as regards discussion of the film Requiem for a Dream. Tycho has a knack for syncing the reality of his thoughts with those of the readers. At least that's my take. Here's the quote:

J"Jennifer Connelly is hot to death. Staring intently into a mirror, I once said her name for an hour in the hopes that she would suddenly appear."

Ok. That's a bit weird. I just went to to create a link to info about Requiem for a Dream and/or Jennifer Connelly and the blurb for Dark Water starring Miss Connelly headed up the front page of the site.

And since I was at I looked up the movie The Cutter starring Chuck Norris. You won't want to miss this. A chunk of this movie was filmed, and takes place in, Spokane. Just try to deny me the bragging rights.

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