Friday, July 29

Beer Drinker's Bill of Rights

Dude, you can give Sam Adams all the shit you want, but anyone who's willing to put that much on the line-and still make a reasonable beer-is alright by me. I'll buy that beer.
/after I get my beer drank.
//and the Metolius Brookie Pale Ale


The Primordial Stewardess said...

Last night, I ate Rogue's Shakespeare Stout and also Mackeson's Triple Stout. Both were fucking deelishus.

DM said...

Rogue consistently makes awesome beer. Beer like that ensures my consistent presence in the NW.

Mackeson's I have not heard of. I will keep lookout.

Currently drinking Hercles Double IPA. 9.1% I like it.

A.Ho said...

Rogue is a deity among breweries.

9.1% IPA!?
Caveat: Remember the blue dot.