Tuesday, June 14


"In Sealed, you do about ten times as much work in the deckbuilding step. Besides needing to know how to build for a Sealed environment (in which certain cards can be wildly more - or less - valuable than they are in Draft), you also need to be able to compare power levels of different builds across entire different color combinations. After you've decided on your colors, your archetype, and most of your build, then you start to narrow down your last few debatable slots."- Richard Feldman @ Starcitygames

This-this is why it's such a big deal that one Brandon R Keaton screwed me over at the last Geek Riot. We were playing sealed-and his little trick hosed me, and now I can point, exactly, to why. Actually, I feel better in a way; I really hold a lot less blame for my performance that day.

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