Friday, June 10

there is no substitute.

Perhaps you were born in the late-late 70's or early 80's, or later. You may not remember how big a deal the Pepsi Challenge was. It was everywhere, threatening to dethrone, what I consider, the King of Cola. I think nearly everyone picked Pepsi over Coke in that little contest, I sure did. Maybe we were psychologically conditioned to after all the hype. Maybe they just told you that you picked Pepsi regardless of the actual result. New Coke sucked and I provide these links as a reminder or history lesson. It is not important, just nostalgic.

p.s. I even like Pepsi, to a degree, but it just isn't Coca~Cola.

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DM said...

I never understood the cola wars. It was just an excuse to get free soda for me.

Now; I often drink RC when I buy cola, since it's cheaper and tastes just as good with rum.