Tuesday, June 21

It's Hot. And I'm Hot. Or Not.

I'm moving shit around. My computer happens to sit in the hottest part of my house. It is going elsewhere - the coolest room in the house. Which happens to be my bedroom. Which happens to be where I don't sleep. It has become more of a storage area. Now it is becoming The Den.

Got whistled at today. Hmm.

Beer. oh yeah. My new rule/flowchart -

Q=Am I at the store?
if A=Yes then buy beer.
if A= No then goto Q.

you get the idea.

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The Primordial Stewardess said...

you ain't going to the town. you're going to the city. gonna treck that shit around. make that place a heart. crazy how the brain works - associating two completely unrelated strings of words because of an obsucre commonality. by which I mean, that reminded me of Interpol. beer. I think I'm going to partake in this beer. yea, verily, I'm getting plastered tonight.