Monday, June 27

I'm back from Spokane. This will continue my month+ of either visiting or having visitors. Next weekend, more people come into town.

Watching my niece was rewarding and strangely tiring. I have a greater understanding of single parenthood now, and I tip my cap, once again, to you. It's fucking hard.

The server at work was down most of the morning, so nothing got done. I can't check my email right now, b/c it's down for maintence. I love email. I miss it when it's gone.

My beer has started brewing. This is good.

Currently listening to Head Automatica, which is good stuff. Feels like a dance album made by people who love it, but don't make dance music. Time to attempt to work. Or something.

Timesplitters is mucho fun. I don't suck at FPS where I'm on semi-equal footing. Or maybe it's the chimps. (Chimpicide! is my new favorite exclaimation) You try hating a game where you can play a ninja chimp. You can't, can you? (I still suck at the FPS, though. AHo made a 9 kill comeback in one game where I only had 1 kill to go to win. This is the extent of my suck)

I guess that's the news that's fit to print.

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