Monday, June 13

I am too sexy, too damn sexy.

So. I've been listening to Stars ~Set Yourself on Fire. Repeatedly. For days. The first couple of times I liked it just fine. But then I'd play it again, and once more, you know, for good measure. Now it seems it's always on. Hooked the lady of the lake up w/ a couple of songs and she digs it as well. She's going on a trip. I really, really hope she has a really, really good time. She's good peeps.

Haven't done much on here lately, haven't been reading my normal blogs much either, I wonder what Kris and Peelio are up to. Been busy on the eBay, and sleeping.

Recent realization: Starving for affection. Had a couple of blue days over that. I'm over it. But still hungry.

My good friend Grant just got married. It was by far the most meaningful wedding I have ever been to. It's nice to know that these two people are going to make it and that there going to do it well, and with style. Word & applause.

Riddick. Hard. Zelda -The Wind Waker. Don't care, selling it. KotOR. Haven't touched it. Halo 2? I'm only better than Dan. Vince smoked my ass the other day and today I'm going to Nato's for dinner, and I imagine we will play Halo 2. He will destroy me. Maybe we'll play LIVE w/ his 13 year-old nephew. From what I understand he will detroy us. Hitman 3. Bought it sometime ago. Have played all of 10 minutes. Will play it someday. Conker Reloaded is coming out soon. It will be cheap and used someday. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Deserves my attention. Resident Evil 4. Need to finish. It is AmaZing. With a capital Z.

Beck's is on sale into July. I will drink my share. The sun is shining. The cat is sleeping, somewhere. I need to pee. And that's my queue. Later.


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DM said...

1) Stewardess is good peeps.

2) You haven't finished RE4? Shit! I thought you got done with that, and I've been talking like you did. Sorry if I revealed any spoilers. That game is more awesome than a thousand awesome things.

3) Thumbs up for Grant and his wife. Marriage isn't always easy, but it's always great to see good people get together and do the work. I wish them my best.

4)Halo: see, but you're MUCH better than I am at it. Conversely, I do remember adapting to Soul Calibur 3 a lot quicker than you. Maybe it's just plain style. I don't have the FPS skillz, yo. Riddick is hard, but I enjoyed what I played of it. Maybe I just don't do well vs human opponents?

5)T-8 days and counting until my arrival. May stay until Sunday. depends.

6)Listening to Isis' Weight. Good stuff.

7) You're worthy. Get some attention. I love ya-for what that's worth.