Monday, June 13

busy, busy busy

There is a great deal to do today. All of it involves me getting the hell out of work and going home. Work is less relevant to my universe than home shit is. Maybe I really do need a new job.

Been listening to music. Bloc Party: way awesome. Sleater Kinney; undecided. Some good moments, but the 'greatness' of The Woods has not demonstrated itself yet. It doesn't suck, but it doesn't leave an impression on me either.

I need to update my regular site some, but I've just been too busy at home to do it.

Hey; what are some good fighing games for the Xbox? Ended up playing Fight Club and goddamn my thumbs hurt. It was not a fun game. I need to suggest better ones.

Starting up "Sly Cooper 2". The Boo recommends it. And next week, Psychonauts comes out for the PS2. Good times.


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A.Ho said...

Like Dan said...Beer. And Fries. Dan's going to be up here again in a week and Fries will be the order of at least one day. They have supplanted Cheese Sticks in a way, probably more because their new and good as opposed to better.

I need to update this site some too.

Listening to Stars 'Set Yourself on Fire'. All the time.