Tuesday, June 28

$4.29 or "How I spent 36 minutes of making lattes on a skin pic."

I tried not buying it. Well, I kind of tried.

Ok, fine! I didn't really try, but I gave it some thought.

What can I say?

I'm addressing guilty pleasures and I decided this flaxen haired patriot is one of them.

Besides, now I can LOOK SHARP // LIVE SMART.

ah...screw you.


DM said...

Hey, man we all got our pleasures that should probably go unspoken. The love that dare not speak its name, if you will...or at least should keep its name spoken very softly and only after several beers.

I think
this would be an interesting way to solve your dating woes, amigo.

I will be practicing the Timesplitters. Someday, my ninja chimp style will be supreme!

DM said...


I fucked up the HTML on that last post, and now I cna't fix it. THat just irritates me.

Kris said...

I thought you were goint to tell us you got that new (?) Alanis album.

A.Ho said...

Ah...I get to here it at work, all day long. But I don't mind at all really. If you've heard Antigone Rising you'll understand.


DM said...

Found this petition