Tuesday, May 10

The Seanster

The Seanster
The Seanster,
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Thought this was worthy of posting.

I was also presented with news on Mother's day that I will be an uncle again in December. My Sister and brother-in-law are expecting another.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

its a crime against humanity that your iPod post and that the Huffingting Post, uh, post, should get receive more attention than this. Congrats, compadre! Uncle A.Ho...lovely.

Fuz said...

No offense was meant to the darling child, primordialstewardess, I'm sure.

I am currently living in married student housing and am surrounded by numerous "little miracles." One becomes somewhat immune to their charms.


Buttercup and JOHN-43 said...

nice blog :))))

The Primordial Stewardess said...


I was actually directing that at myself. I was looking at my own commentary and thought, "hey, you guilt-harboring idealist! Someone's having a kid!" So, it was just ambiguous self-deprecation. Fuuuz...where's yer blog?

Fuz said...

Eh…when I have a bit more free time (when I don't have a dissertation to finish in three weeks), then maybe I'll blog. Until then, I'll comment on my friends'. :-)

DM said...

That's a cute kid. Congrats to your sister's familiy & I hope the new kid is healthy.

Fuz said...

Despite my not saying it, please understand that there was a "congrats" in there…along with the painful memory of fifty loud children enjoying a balloon jump outside my study window. Thus. I may not have said congrats, but the intent was there. Somewhere.

Or I'm a curmudgeonly fuck.