Thursday, May 19

NBA Lockout?

There...there might not be an NBA season next year!

Oh wait. I don't give a shit about basketball. I don't think anyone should-but that's their right as a free person to care. The players are whiny, overpaid little boys who need to be publicly caned.

I did find this, though. Weird things are compelling to me.

And it is true; I will be in Spokane next week. I shall have beer. I shall visit my niece and family and friends. I will play lots of videogames. I shall also bring my PS2, so that the glories of RE2 and FF7 can be seen.


And I shall eat...cheesesticks. If possible, I shall also get the blue-cheese fries that I had in September. I will maim for those fries. I will consider killing as well, if the target is worth killing.


Kris said...

I don't care about basketball. But I just realized I've missed three months of posts because the RSS feed in the head of this blog is all wrong.

A.Ho said...

Was wonderin' whether or not you'd been poking around here.