Thursday, May 12

my burg

By now it is quite likely that you've heard of our little city's mayoral difficulties. With that in mind you can guess the cover-story of our alternative weekly. Here's some funny stuff from that:

a proposal to change our city motto from:

Spokane, near nature, near perfect.
Spokane, near nature, near perverts.

I say do it.

In the'man on the street' department we get:

"Should the mayor step down from office?"

Providing a perfect opportunity for our stuff to really shine, and thus we get:

-it's adam and eve, not adam and steve. I'm not prejudice or anything, but I am fully against gays.-

So perfect a representation of an idiot you'd think, hoped, they made it up, knowing very well they didn't. ugh.

You know what? It just so classic that tomorrow I am going to bring an issue home to scan and post.

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