Wednesday, May 18

Mt St Helens slideshow

I remember this, quite vividly.


A.Ho said...

Yeah. No joke. That was some week. Middle of May and the day of First Communion. I was playing outside after our family celebration and much to my surprise it started to snow. Then my 8 year-old brain whirred a bit and said, "Hey, it's May...and warm. What is going on?"

Chairman Blao said...

It was the day of your First Communion?

That's a fucking sign for sure.

Anonymous said...

It was my best friend's 4th birthday. My whole family and her whole family were walking to the park to play, and the sky got grey and it started, as Aaron said, to snow. But it was warm. It was very surreal (a concept I didn't understand at 4,) which must be the reason I remember it so clearly 25 years later.

The kids in the slideshow (with the bike and wagon) may as well have been my brother and his best friend; that was exactly how we were for weeks afterward.